Scream Queens – Season 1 Episodes 1-9

So in today’s blog I wanted to talk about one of my favorite new series on TV right now….Scream Queens. A show that I did NOT expect to like as much as I do. We are nine episodes in and have four episodes to go in this season so I wanted to do a quick blog to share my thoughts thus far. This blog is releasing just a few hours before episode 10 airs. But here are my thoughts so far…

So this started out beautifully, the not-so politically correct humor made it so fun to watch that I was instantly drawn in. Then, I realized the story I was watching develop was a great one! It does follow the guidelines of one of my favorite horror movies of all time, Scream, in that you are left guessing who the killer is constantly. And I love the way that is accomplished in this show! From the first episode I have been making guesses, arguing with friends who the killer might be and then changing my mind based on new info! So, kudos to you writers! There are only 4 episodes left in this season and I still only know for sure the two killers that have been revealed, the third killer I still don’t know. I have heard many guesses and have a guess myself but I really don’t have anything to back it up except hunches. And this is a great thing! When a story leaves you guessing this long into the arc it’s a good sign they have written it well! The corny, raunchy and down-right hilarious jokes littered throughout the series are incredible. There isn’t really anything about this show that I don’t like, except I can’t figure out how they will do a second season unless each season is a stand-alone story, or structured like American Horror Story, which I wouldn’t be opposed to.

So yes, watch this show if you haven’t!

—–Other Notable Things I’m Excited About————————-
New episode of Scream Queens
Man in the High Tower
Panthers are 10-0!

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