The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2

Yes, yes, I know, today another episode of The Walking Dead comes on. But I wanted to do at least a quick blog about my thoughts of episode 2. Why you may ask? Because it was so awesome I don’t want to combine it with another episode.

This episode gave us a bit of backstory on Enid, which was fantastic. It also gave us “JSS” (Just Survive Somehow), which quite frankly, is brilliant writing. I love how they gave us Enid’s backstory and how it perfectly fit into her persona that we know. This whole episode was a fantastic from start to finish. It was almost a way to showcase secondary characters, and boy did it ever showcase them well! The attack by The Wolves was very well done, the fighting back was brilliant, from Morgan’s style to Carol’s style, it was all well done.

In conclusion I must admit, this first two episodes are so well done I can’t wait to see more! This may be six seasons in but it all seems so fresh, which is EXACTLY what a series wants to accomplish! I hope that trend continues the whole season! If you haven’t watched it yet, do it!

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New Episode of The Walking Dead tonight –

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