It’s back! The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1.

After what seems like forever waiting, The Walking Dead finally returned to AMC’s lineup tonight! Clearly I (and millions of others) were very excited about this return. At least this year we did have Fear The Walking Dead to sort of help bridge the gap for us (more on this in later posts). So how was it? Was it a good first episode? Read on to find out my thoughts!

First I will start with one of the main things I noticed people were whining about on Twitter tonight, the fact that a lot of the episode was in black and white. Well, I will be honest here, I think they should do ALL episodes in black and white. The reason I say this is because IT WORKED. It looked beautiful, it fit the style perfectly and it made sense. Black and white works in the comics and I think it works on the show as well, bottom line. Now let’s get into it, you may be asking yourself, did he like it or not? Yes, yes I did. You could tell in the first 5 minutes they were flexing their muscle, they were showing you the beautiful work the makeup artists are doing this year, they are showing you they aren’t afraid to put hundreds of zombies on the screen at one time while not sacrificing story. I think by the time we were 15 minutes in we were already spoiled by the fact of the show being so beautiful.

To me, in this episode, Morgan really stepped forward as one of the people I want to watch. Now, I am bias because I LOVED his character in Jericho (one of my favorite TV Shows of all time). The episode was really focused on a task at hand (and in flashback mode the events that lead up to that task). And while it did do some time jumping it was very easy to follow and very entertaining. I loved the side story line with Glenn and his crew as well, it almost feels as though he has his own zombie killing group going on, which I am all for that idea. Rick stays his typical self so no surprises there, another great performance. I did like the dynamic between Rick and Daryl in this episode, which Daryl sort of disagreeing with what Rick wants to do.

In conclusion I say this, it looks like another great start to a great season! I personally can’t wait to see what Rick and crew have in store for them this time!

—————Other Notable Things I’m Excited About—————–
The Talking Dead Starts tonight
Comic Book Men Starts next week
The Carolina Panthers are 4-0


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