Fear The Walking Dead Season 1

On this Monday evening, after being at work all day and having to work overtime that was mandatory even though I didn’t even know I was going to have to do until I went in today, I am going to write my thoughts about Fear The Walking Dead season 1. So let’s get started…

So this story pretty much revolves around characters Madison and Travis and their families with a few secondary characters thrown in here and there. Ironically, my favorite character, Tobias, is one of the secondary characters. I sincerely hope this changes in season 2 though. So this is set at the beginning of the outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse in The Walking Dead universe.  I personally LOVED the way this story was set up. It felt incredibly real, it placed you in a world that felt normal and then basically showed you how it may go south very quickly. It didn’t feel rushed and it didn’t feel too slow to me. I was very happy with the pace and the way things were happening.

Now, that being said, there were certain points of some episodes that did feel a bit slow or a bit rushed but nothing to the point that would make me say this wasn’t a great show. A lot of people are really being very hard on this show, which I expected completely. When you have a show like The Walking Dead and you do a spin off of it some people are not going to be happy with it no matter what. But my suggestion is do not let this deter you from enjoying this well put together show. The build up to the season finale was very well done with some key introductions in the last couple episodes that were very well thought out. The season finale was very interesting and did leave you wanting more so I think it was very successful! It seems (according to wiki) that the show did set many records in both foreign and domestic viewing.

As far as the characters go, there are none of the main cast that are my favorite per se. My least favorites are Nick (by far), Christopher and Travis. Though, I must say that Travis grew on me a bit when he toughened up a bit in the finale.

In conclusion, if you haven’t watched this show yet, do so if you love zombies, apocalypse shows or The Walking Dead.
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