Halloween – Then and now

So in the spirit of the season I figured I would do a little blog about Halloween and how it’s changed, in my opinion, over time. Being in my 30’s now (wow) I look back at Halloween as a time when you started right before dark and you went to little communities and you walked from house to house collecting candy. The parents typically sat in the car and waited on you to get back from your walking adventures. There was such a sense of accomplishment as a kid for doing this, you were getting candy, which was awesome, you were doing something on your own, awesome and you were having fun doing it. I’m sure it wasn’t the most safe thing in the world the way we did it but that’s how it was done! My how things have changed…

Now, having a 7 year old, I see how trick or treating is done and it really breaks my heart. Basically they go walk through town, in daytime and perhaps pop into a large store to get candy. No after dark, freezing in your costume adventures to speak of. Now, I know the world is a dangerous place, and I do understand why this has changed. It’s just a sad state that people have to worry about their kids being safe to go get and eat candy that they live in the same town as once a year. I mean, come on (to quote Jimmy from South Park). Are people so evil nowadays that no one can do anything fun anymore without that constant threat? I guess, considering the things that happen nowadays, the answer is no. But it truly is heart breaking to know that.

That being said, Halloween CAN still be fun! We don’t have to let it focus on trick or treating. Buy a bang of candy, have a family night where everyone sits around and eats candy in the dark and watches either scary movies or Halloween classic movies depending on the age bracket and taste of the family. That can be as fun as trick or treating! Heck, even have some family and friends come over and join in on it and make a night of it! Not the same thrill as trick or treating but in life the key is to adapt. Find a way to make Halloween fun again, find a way to keep it safe and adapt that to make your own family traditions!

Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

—-Other Notable Things I’m Excited About———–

  • Burgers for dinner tonight!
  • I get off work at noon tomorrow
  • My son’s Birthday is Sunday (I hope he likes his gift!)
  • Halloween is Saturday
  • Scorpion and AHS on DVR to watch

((—Note to myself, maybe I should do a blog about American Horror Story eh?—))

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3

Wow, what in the world is going on!? This episode of The Walking Dead is so intense I don’t even know how to start my blog at this point! But let’s get right into it, please note, this blog WILL contain very important spoilers so if you haven’t watched this episode DO NOT READ ON! If you have, then read on and enjoy!


     Let me start by saying this, I don’t know if it’s true or not but if they have killed off Glenn this way I tip my hat to the writers. Here is why: As most of you know, in the comic Glenn was not killed by zombies and instead was killed in a very important series of events by Lucille (if you want to know who this is and don’t know then read the comics fool!). To have him be killed by zombies in this fashion doesn’t seem as climatic but it did serve the purpose, and served it well. Because I don’t think ANYONE was expecting it. That being said, do I hope he isn’t dead? Yes, I do. But if he isn’t I am almost afraid it will seem like a cop out unless they do it just right. I do have faith in the writers of The Walking Dead so I do believe if they are going to keep him alive for now they made the right decision to make that happen. I have a theory of how they could do it that it wouldn’t seem like a cop out and may work to the benefit of the story, I will explain that below. But first, I do have to say if they keep him dead in this fashion then I won’t be mad. It does make the story better, it keeps it fresh. I do love Glenn’s character and he will be missed but with the world in The Walking Dead it IS going to happen, a lot, and to anyone there.

     Now, my idea of how they can keep Glenn alive without it seeming like a cop out. Let the Wolves save him. You may have just slanted your eyebrow and said ‘WHAT?’, but hear me out. You let a group of Wolves go in and save him from the herd (assuming he was protected and not bitten, or even IS bitten). They save him but at the same time they are ‘capturing’ him. So the fans get to keep Glenn alive, the story can benefit because the Wolves then can use hims as collateral to take over Alexandria and it serves as a catalyst to move the story forward into a new story line. It could even serve as a way to introduce some new characters (Negan anyone?). Do I know how a group of Wolves could pop in and save him from a herd that size? No, not really.

     Okay, so in an effort to not make this blog ALL about Glenn, let’s discuss Rick for a moment. He is in a hell of a situation right now as well. Trapped, just had taken out a few Wolves, in an RV that won’t start. It seems he is in a lot of trouble. That said we do know (or assume) that Darryl is on the way to him and we all know Darryl is awesome. But there is something else, he did cut his hand and get zombie blood in it. We know everyone has the ‘virus’ inside them and will turn into a zombie upon death. But for us comic readers we know that zombie blood in a wound can do certain things, is that the case here? Are they really going to go that route with Rick? I guess we wait and see! Michonne was fantastic in this episode as well, the writers did an excellent job telling Glenn’s story through someone else the entire episode. They ALSO did an excellent job tying seasons together. When Glenn called Rick a dumbass, like he did in the first season when Rick was in the tank. Also we say Hershell’s pocket watch. So many little things that lead to big things that make this story so good.

     In conclusion, amazing, this episode was amazing. If you read this and haven’t watched it, you know what happens to an extent, but STILL watch it. This is a great season so far! Way to step up the game writers, keep it up!

—–Other Notable Things I’m Excited About————————-

  • The World Series has started
  • New Episode of South Park tonight (I think)
  • I got off work before noon today!
  • We are nearing 1500 original views on my blog!
  • Considering playing a game called PlanetBase

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2

Yes, yes, I know, today another episode of The Walking Dead comes on. But I wanted to do at least a quick blog about my thoughts of episode 2. Why you may ask? Because it was so awesome I don’t want to combine it with another episode.

This episode gave us a bit of backstory on Enid, which was fantastic. It also gave us “JSS” (Just Survive Somehow), which quite frankly, is brilliant writing. I love how they gave us Enid’s backstory and how it perfectly fit into her persona that we know. This whole episode was a fantastic from start to finish. It was almost a way to showcase secondary characters, and boy did it ever showcase them well! The attack by The Wolves was very well done, the fighting back was brilliant, from Morgan’s style to Carol’s style, it was all well done.

In conclusion I must admit, this first two episodes are so well done I can’t wait to see more! This may be six seasons in but it all seems so fresh, which is EXACTLY what a series wants to accomplish! I hope that trend continues the whole season! If you haven’t watched it yet, do it!

—–Other Notable Things I Am Excited About——-
New Episode of The Walking Dead tonight –

Silicon Valley Season 1 and 2

So a couple of days ago I finished watching all the episodes of Silicon Valley that are currently out, both seasons.  HBO did renew Silicon Valley for a 3rd season and I am very excited about that! In my opinion Silicon Valley is…well, first, let’s start with my rundown and thoughts from the beginning.

So I actually tried to watch this show a long while back and I simply didn’t get into it. But, I did finally download them from HBO GO on demand and decided to binge watch them. And I am glad I did. The show is focused around a group of ‘friends’ that work in the tech industry. Then one of them has an idea that everyone suddenly wants. From there it’s the trials and tribulations associated with taking a company from nothing to something and the steps in between. I have to admit this appealed to me a lot. The story is well written, the characters are very likable and quite honestly, it’s hilarious. There are so many small things that are funny that just make the show work it’s fun to watch just for those.

Another of the most impressive things about this series, while it is a comedy, it’s very intelligent and the character development works exactly how it’s supposed to. You hate who you’re supposed to hate and you’re rooting for who you’re supposed to root for, even when that person isn’t your typical main character. So to continue my thought from the beginning of the blog…

In my opinion Silicon Valley is well worth watching and probably one of the better shows on TV currently. I would highly recommend watching it.

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New Episode of The Walking Dead SundayI’m off work tomorrow
My Blog is up to 536 original viewers while only being live 4 days!


Community Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness (CZAP)

This blog is for our entire community. We are going to get everyone involved! Below is a list of parameters and everyone can post in the comment section their choices for each of the parameters. This is the first project of CZAP, I am sure it will evolve depending on how this one goes. Let’s get started…

  1. Pick 1 weapon
  2. Pick 3 people to have with you (must be real people so no choices like Superman or The Hulk)
  3. Pick a location (ex. Lake house in a small town)
  4. Pick 5 items you’d put in your pack to take with you
  5. Pick 2 food items you’d take

Let’s start there, we can expand this as it goes if we get into it. 🙂

Fear The Walking Dead Season 1

On this Monday evening, after being at work all day and having to work overtime that was mandatory even though I didn’t even know I was going to have to do until I went in today, I am going to write my thoughts about Fear The Walking Dead season 1. So let’s get started…

So this story pretty much revolves around characters Madison and Travis and their families with a few secondary characters thrown in here and there. Ironically, my favorite character, Tobias, is one of the secondary characters. I sincerely hope this changes in season 2 though. So this is set at the beginning of the outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse in The Walking Dead universe.  I personally LOVED the way this story was set up. It felt incredibly real, it placed you in a world that felt normal and then basically showed you how it may go south very quickly. It didn’t feel rushed and it didn’t feel too slow to me. I was very happy with the pace and the way things were happening.

Now, that being said, there were certain points of some episodes that did feel a bit slow or a bit rushed but nothing to the point that would make me say this wasn’t a great show. A lot of people are really being very hard on this show, which I expected completely. When you have a show like The Walking Dead and you do a spin off of it some people are not going to be happy with it no matter what. But my suggestion is do not let this deter you from enjoying this well put together show. The build up to the season finale was very well done with some key introductions in the last couple episodes that were very well thought out. The season finale was very interesting and did leave you wanting more so I think it was very successful! It seems (according to wiki) that the show did set many records in both foreign and domestic viewing.

As far as the characters go, there are none of the main cast that are my favorite per se. My least favorites are Nick (by far), Christopher and Travis. Though, I must say that Travis grew on me a bit when he toughened up a bit in the finale.

In conclusion, if you haven’t watched this show yet, do so if you love zombies, apocalypse shows or The Walking Dead.
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It’s back! The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1.

After what seems like forever waiting, The Walking Dead finally returned to AMC’s lineup tonight! Clearly I (and millions of others) were very excited about this return. At least this year we did have Fear The Walking Dead to sort of help bridge the gap for us (more on this in later posts). So how was it? Was it a good first episode? Read on to find out my thoughts!

First I will start with one of the main things I noticed people were whining about on Twitter tonight, the fact that a lot of the episode was in black and white. Well, I will be honest here, I think they should do ALL episodes in black and white. The reason I say this is because IT WORKED. It looked beautiful, it fit the style perfectly and it made sense. Black and white works in the comics and I think it works on the show as well, bottom line. Now let’s get into it, you may be asking yourself, did he like it or not? Yes, yes I did. You could tell in the first 5 minutes they were flexing their muscle, they were showing you the beautiful work the makeup artists are doing this year, they are showing you they aren’t afraid to put hundreds of zombies on the screen at one time while not sacrificing story. I think by the time we were 15 minutes in we were already spoiled by the fact of the show being so beautiful.

To me, in this episode, Morgan really stepped forward as one of the people I want to watch. Now, I am bias because I LOVED his character in Jericho (one of my favorite TV Shows of all time). The episode was really focused on a task at hand (and in flashback mode the events that lead up to that task). And while it did do some time jumping it was very easy to follow and very entertaining. I loved the side story line with Glenn and his crew as well, it almost feels as though he has his own zombie killing group going on, which I am all for that idea. Rick stays his typical self so no surprises there, another great performance. I did like the dynamic between Rick and Daryl in this episode, which Daryl sort of disagreeing with what Rick wants to do.

In conclusion I say this, it looks like another great start to a great season! I personally can’t wait to see what Rick and crew have in store for them this time!

—————Other Notable Things I’m Excited About—————–
The Talking Dead Starts tonight
Comic Book Men Starts next week
The Carolina Panthers are 4-0